Looks like someone from Immigration/Home Affairs pinched Uber’s ears, and now Uber will stop the “visa/work rights are none of our business” spiel and start enforcing work rights.

How does that affect you?

1- If you are not an Australian Citizen, you will need to upload proof of your work rights by performing a VEVO Check using your passport and visa details through Department of Home Affairs, then download the outcome as PDF. VEVO Checks are free and instant.

2- If you are an Australian Citizen, you will need to upload proof of that (Australian Passport, Australian Citizenship Certificate, Australian Birth Certificate). IMPORTANT: for those born in Australia on or after 20th August 1986, an Australian Birth Certificate is NOT a proof of being an Australian Citizen.

3- If you are not Australian, you need to comply with your visa work conditions and restrictions. Some visas have no restrictions whatsoever, some have restricted work permissions (e.g. students working up to 40 hours/fortnight only, except between semesters), or primary work visa holders (457, 482) who can ONLY work for their sponsoring employer, while some visas bear the “No Work” conditions.

You will need to comply with the restrictions (if any), or cease to work for Uber if you have a restriction against it, or have a “no work” condition.

I believe Uber MAY be liable to report non-compliant drivers as well as deactivate/suspend them, as it is an offence against the Migration Act 1958 to employ someone who is an unlawful non-citizen, or a lawful non-citizen against their visa conditions.

Ahmad Shady
Registered Migration Agent – MARN# 1575106

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