Horrific Truck Crash at Green Square (Sydney) leaves mother of 4 children dead. Khristiee Jazairy was waiting for a bus while killed.

Funds raised will be donated to the family to assist with  funeral costs, living expenses & an education fund for Khristiee & Baha’s 5 year old son Ben.

Donate to the family of Khristiee

Devastated husband pays tribute to loving mother of four killed in horrific Sydney pedestrian crash. – news.com.au

Her grieving husband Baha Jazairy still has to make ends meet while driving for Uber.  His youngest son only 5 years of age.

As a driver community we all understand the hardships of what being a rideshare driver means.
Long working hours, late nights and early starts.

We would like to help raise funds so Baha Jazairy has the ability to emotionally support his children during this grieving stage, especially so he can be there for his 5 year old son.

Baha Jazairy is back driving for Uber only a few days after this horrific accident as he needs to support himself & his family financially.  We hope that funds raised will mean that Baha Jazairy has the ability to have some quality time off work during this grieving process to spend with his children.

All donations welcome, all funds raised will be going directly to the family.

This fund raiser has been organised by a group of compassionate Sydney drivers
Carlos Airton Krause, Amanda Honey, Jennifer, Rachael, Danny Cook & Rosalina

It also is supported by Rideshare Drivers Association of Australia