Uber say:

Since the price cuts “Fares Per Hour” have gone up 22%.

For example, if an Uber driver partner made, on average $30 per hour in the week prior to the price change, four weeks later, they are are now earning $36.60 in fares, on average.

Lets look at that:

Working on the basis that an average trip is around 6kM and takes 12 Minutes; AND assuming you are now busier – as Uber would have you believe…

  • Old rates – 2 average trips per hour = $30
  • New Rates – 3 average trips per hour = $36.60

At face value, GREAT! We’re bringing in more Money!

But lets break it down…


What is really happening is that we are working 50% more and our costs are going up accordingly; our earnings go down whilst Uber’s profits go UP by 22%!

So, the REAL reason the price has gone down is to increase Uber’s profits!