This has severe implications to drivers in California, especially in a post COVID world…
“Uber and Lyft are turning to voters as a last resort to maintain their status as contractors for drivers in California after a judge granted a preliminary injunction requiring the companies to reclassify drivers as employees.
Both companies have said they’d be forced to suspend service in the state to reshape their companies around the new model. Once they return, they’ve said they’d likely only be able to hire back a fraction of their workforce under more rigid schedules.”
A fraction…that means the drivers who are the single parents, the ones aged 40-65, the international students, the ones trying to get ahead on a mortgage and the ones trying to work around situations that keep them out of the workforce, stand a high chance of getting flicked because a minority couldn’t work out how to survive in a gig economy. The fallout will be tens of thousands of ex-rideshare drivers, unemployed and ironically sacked from one of the very few work choices left to them.
Despite three occasions now where rideshare drivers have not been found to have any resemblance to an employee, this same push to reverse this with the same catastrophic results, is still alive here in Australia. The same driver body full of individuals who by choice good or bad, can’t work conventional jobs and need rideshare, risk having their jobs kicked out from under them by a group including a union, who embrace a culture where they need to be spoon fed and have their hand held for them.
Oppose this with every ounce of energy you have. Multiple streams of uncapped income is what makes entrepreneurship work, and rideshare is one of those streams that can add to your earnings and build your income. Self employed gives you the freedom to work as little as you like or as hard as you like and make the money that you want, not the pitiful hourly rate a union decides you are worth.
Freedom isn’t working for someone, no-one ever succeeds in life making wages and money for a business owner. Stop this potential destruction of your work as you know it, work for your future not for a living.