Sydney Passenger Death Incident Report from the RDSAA President

Today I was interviewed for ABC News in relation to the rideshare passenger death.

The incident last year has unfortunately cost a passengers life. But should the driver be held solely responsible for this incident? Opinions are varied.

RSDAA firmly believe the responsibility of the incident should not fall solely on the driver.

Responsibility for the incident lies between a combination of entities such as the Operator, driver & passenger. All three have proven to show a lack of responsibility.

It was an unfortunate chain of events that lead to this incident.

The key questions that need to be answered include:

  1. How did an Operator allocate jobs to a driver for 21hrs straight
  2. Why are drivers not educated upon signup for the dangers of driver fatigue
  3. Why are there not stringent laws in place to stop excessive driving hours
  4. Why are Riders not held responsible for reckless behaviour

RSDAA believe that nobody involved in this unfortunate scenario intentionally meant harm to anyone; it was simply a lack of education & responsibility.

A driver is a driver and I think I speak on behalf of the majority of rideshare drivers that we must learn from incidents like this and lead the way by example by showing compassion to all involved in the hope that answers are found.
Answers that will lead the direction of rideshare change to enable us all to work in a more protected environment.

RSDAA will be working in the background to ensure that this incident does not get overlooked.

Driver & rider safety should always come first. A driver is a driver…

Stay tuned…