Today a Sydney Driver was fined for using his mobile phone illegally to accept a rideshare trip. The driver is now faced with a loss of licence due to the current 10 demerit point loss which is in place under the NSW double demerit point system.

There is obvious ambiguity in the current mobile phone laws which has led to this rideshare driver being fined for accepting a trip.

The Rideshare Drivers Association of Australia raised this issue months ago with RMS, NSW Transport, NSW Point to Point & NSW Police.

NSW Police advised that it is clearly illegal to touch any part of a mobile phone whilst the vehicle is in motion even if the phone is in a holder. The vehicle must be switched off with keys out of the ignition to accept a rideshare trip.

RSDAA are advising all rideshare drivers to take caution until this issue has been finalised. Under current NSW Police laws it is illegal to use any rideshare app whilst keys are in ignition.

RSDAA can confirm that it is impossible for drivers to use rideshare apps without touching mobile phones. Drivers cannot run a successful business in rideshare without touching a mobile phone to accept trips whilst in motion.

Using current rideshare apps such as Uber, OLA, Taxify, GoCatch and other related apps at this current time may lead to an infringement.

This therefore means it is illegal to use rideshare apps in their current form until voice activation becomes available within the above mentioned apps.

RSDAA will be addressing this issue and will advise of any progress.

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