RSDAA have just had a conversation with Gocatch about signage and the possibility that some drivers have been threatened with deactivation for displaying the Gocatch sign. If this has happened to you or you know someone who has been threatened please let Gocatch know ASAP.

As such there is no requirement to display any particular companies logo to comply with the regulations and has been said many times the words “Booked Hire” are sufficient.

Also the 60-second lockout penalty that was a part of the Gocatch app has or is being removed.

After our conversation with GoCatch this afternoon it is apparent that they are wanting to work with us in a constructive way to see rideshare prosper. If you have any positive input that can help to make the platform better don’t hesitate to contact them and your suggestions will be taken on board and given serious consideration. Matters that have been brought to their attention in most cases have already been implemented in the app.
Secretary RSDAA