RSDAA September 18, Members Update

I would like to say a very sincere thankyou to my fellow committee members for the effort that you are all putting in to see the RSDAA grow into a mature representative organisation.

Last week Les Johnson was invited to a briefing by TMR re the setting up of an Ombudsman for our industry. They are hoping to have the legislation prepared for comment in the coming weeks and then presentation to Parliament in November. We will no doubt be asked to submit submissions, if this is the case we will need to have at least a couple of get together’s to put together a draft prior to a final submission.

Committee Member John Campbell had a meeting with Toowoomba Regional Council re parking and pick up and set down areas in Toowoomba.
The meeting was bigger than John was expecting, but all went well and then Tuesday he received advice that they had accepted the information put forward by John. The fact that our vehicles are not registered as Private but Booked Hire seems to have been the tipping point in our favour.
Recently Les spoke to a staff member at BCC about the same thing and was advised that they would accept proposals on behalf of drivers from the RSDAA as we have legal standing. In light of the Toowoomba decision we will now prepared a similar argument to put to Brisbane CC, Ipswich CC, Moreton Bay RC, Logan CC, Gold Coast CC, Sunshine Coast RC and Noosa CC.

On Monday 24th John Campbell and Les Johnson met with Steve Minnikin, the Opposition Transport spokesman. The first thing on his agenda was to ascertain our legal standing, once confirmed the meeting moved forward very positively. He is organising a meeting as soon as practicable for the main stake holders to meet at his office to try and sort out some of the challenges of our industry, this should be a positive step forward.

Tuesday 25th was our BEA get together in Brisbane, attendance was up there and very proactive. Guest speakers were Richard Comer, Tom Bebbington and Jarrod Goodwin who gave a good insight to their area of operation

After the BEA meeting Rosalina and Les went to Mt Gravatt to meet with the GST people at ATO and had a very productive meeting. Lots of issues were discussed and we are waiting for them to come back to us with info from higher sources, one being the ramifications of up front pricing and GST liability.
These meetings with ATO will take place regularly at three monthly intervals. The RSDAA have gained a level of acceptance with Government.

John Grandfils applied to the ATO and got us GST exemption.

Over the last few weeks Rosalina has been working closely with the P2P Commission in NSW putting forward the perspective of the ride share industry.

A few things are coming in the pipeline that we should be able to announce in the coming weeks, so stay tuned.

It will be a BIG Weekend this weekend with grand finals in AFL & NRL, also Riverfire in Brisbane.

Remember next Tuesday is our driver catch up day, Brisbane will be at a new DFO Coffee Club location, Sunny Coast and Toowoomba same location.
Gold Coast Members, we would encourage you to work towards a meeting for the 1st Tuesday of each month .

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We look forward to reporting more next month, and look forward to your feedback.

Ross Allen
RSDAA Committee Member