Rideshare Drivers Association of Australia


Driver unity and awareness is essential in determining the relevance of ongoing issues affecting rideshare drivers Nationally.

Rideshare Drivers Association of Australia (RSDAA) & Rideshare Drivers United (RSDU) would appreciate all drivers show their support to driver associations who are working towards a common goal to improve the working conditions for hardworking Australian rideshare drivers.

Rideshare Drivers Association of Australia (RSDAA) & Rideshare Drivers United (RSDU) agree that Uber’s recently introduced Upfront Fares & Uber Pool are causing issues amongst rideshare driver communities throughout Australia due to the lack of transparency with Commission rates, the safety perspective of picking up multiple riders in illegal locations, fares not incorporating traffic conditions & drivers not having an option to opt out of Uber Pool without penalties.

Rideshare drivers are currently considered contractors and should legally be entitled to choose trips without being penalised.

Uber Pool is a risk to drivers as the majority of trips offered in CBD zones are in illegal pick up areas and drivers are now faced with the reality of either cancelling the accepted trip or risk losing demerit points for picking up riders illegally.

Drivers nationally are reporting the dangers involved with picking up multiple riders at illegal pick up points designated by Uber. It has now become a Public Safety issue for riders & drivers as passengers are instructed often by the Uber Pool platform to walk to an illegal pick up point which is often a bus transit lane, bus stop, no stopping zone, no standing, taxi rank or busy corner intersection.

The introduction of Uber Upfront Fares this year has caused commotion amongst drivers as fares under this structure are not accurately calculated as fare calculation is an estimate. Upfront Fare structure does not take into account accurate traffic conditions, route deviations, road works or closures, drivers believe it is not an accurate or fair method of calculating fares compared to time versus distance method. Upfront Fares are calculated on estimates taken from historical data.

Drivers are increasingly feeling exploited due to the recent changes along with the awareness that the average rideshare drivers income is estimated to have decreased over the past 3 years so now the issue of sustainability needs to be prioritised and addressed.

RSDU believes strike action is warranted

RSDAA supports RSDU claims on Upfront Fares & Uber Pool although we are impartial to strike action we will continue to address these issues with the relevant authorities for the sake of Public safety and driver protection.

Please show your support by attending a RSDAA Meeting details available on our website
( ) and by supporting the RSDU Uber Log Off on 6 August 2018 7am to 9:30am