Since 2016, only one driver’s representative body has been there for the drivers.
In the sometimes difficult minefield of representation in government meetings only one representative has built up cordial relations with state, federal and industry figureheads and only one has been regularly invited to sit in on sensitive meetings that govern the way we do our work.
Only one representative body has worked with these stakeholders slowly and patiently, pushing our members agenda and inching towards achieving the things that matter to us.
Only one representative body has the stand alone legitimacy of genuine organizational registration and incorporation and doesn’t ride on any unrelated organization’s coattails to short cut their way into being transparent.
Only one representative body is politically neutral, doesn’t have the toxic association of a union collaboration or the massive penalty of $660.00 union fees once the introductory honeymoon period is over. Only one representative body has reasonable $15 per quarter membership fees without the question of relevance to a union that failed to unionise taxis, limos, shuttle buses and courtesy bus industries.
Only one representative body won’t charge you a fee for service, potentially $660.00 from a union when results are won, and the results are for everyone not just union members.
Only one representative body helps you grow in your rideshare work, to evolve into a small business with your own client base and to go from strength to strength mentoring and backing you with years of collective experience.
Only one representative body won’t tie down the industry to unrealistic employee benefits and the threat of mandatory requirements from rideshare companies that would be as a result of such ridiculous impositions.
Only one representative body doesn’t taint itself with political affiliations, extreme political statements and views and associations with militant groups completely unrelated to rideshare.
Only one representative body can claim years of booked hire experience and with everyone in office-bearing and committee positions being active on a daily basis as drivers – not inexperienced non industry participants who have never driven a day of ride-share in their lives yet want you to elect them as your representatives.
Only one representative body has the milestones, the credibility, the political neutrality.
Is $660 a fair price to pay for an affiliation with a union with years of repeated failure to organize the taxi industry, through a group that piggybacks onto someone elses dodgy credentials, controlled by a leader who has never driven a rideshare vehicle in his life, and is closely associated with politically toxic interstate social media groups who continually project negative statements because they have no achievements or milestones to produce?
Would $60 a year to commercially proactive positive and well-regarded industry experts be a better solution?
Get on board and help us change the industry for the better.
Join the RSDAA today.