We met with Uber on Friday. The aim of the meeting was to start a dialogue between ourselves and Uber to discuss our members’ concerns.A number of issues were discussed including policy and regulation, service, safety, and most importantly, pricing and the outcome of the recent fare cut trial.

We discussed how many members are struggling to make ends meet and in some cases subsidising rides because of the distance to travel to a fare, we also discussed the impact to customer satisfaction that the current high rates of surge were having.

We are working to provide Uber information and data from our members to show the negative impacts of the rate cuts.

We did ask when communications will be released about the results of the trial and were told it would be next week. Nothing more about pricing was disclosed from Uber.

We raised a number of simple operational and customer service issues that drivers face every day, and Uber agreed to look into these and address them if they could.

We are meeting with a number of other stakeholders in the next few weeks.

Dan Manchester.