Today members of the RSDAA committee had a very productive meeting with senior members of staff from the Australian Tax Office (ATO) here in Brisbane where many issues were discussed. The meeting was attended by Bob Mason, Les Johnson and Rosalina Kariotakis (via phone link from Sydney), also on a phone link up was a tax officer from Adelaide, with two senior officers from Brisbane at the meeting.

I think the most important issue discussed today was the liability of drivers to comply with Tax Laws and issues in relation to this were discussed. Our responsibility in relation to the new fare structures was also discussed at length and it appears there could be some serious implications for us in the near future. I am waiting for them to get back to us on that one. In conjunction with staff from ATO we will be organizing a series workshops in areas where ride share is operating. These workshops will be conducted in major cities as well as regional areas. There is still some work to do in organizing these event’s, but we will be publishing a list of the times and places shortly.

Within the next day or so we should have up and running a link through our website to the ATO website, so you will be able to log on and get answers to matters pertaining to your operation as a ride share driver. This is a great outcome to get this direct link to a government website and I thank the staff and my fellow committee members who helped to make this happen.

We were also able to obtain a carton of brochures outlining our responsibilities as ride share drivers and these will be distributed to our financial members in the next few days and the balance will be distributed to drivers in Brisbane, Sydney, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and regional areas of NSW until the supply is exhausted, then we get some more.

We now have an open line of communication to these people and no doubt there will be a good relationship moving forward as we continue to put forward matters that are affecting our operation in the ride share industry. Admittedly there is a vast amount of work to do as we move forward but hopefully the outcomes will be worth it in the long run.

Ok folks now you can all play your part. To make the seminars more meaningful if you have any enquiries or questions that you would like answers to from the ATO people please send them to us at Secretary RSDAA PO Box 272 Narangba Qld 4504 or email to and they will be passed on to the staff involved so that they can answer your query.