An enjoyable afternoon was had by all who attended the first Annual General Meeting of the RSDAA in Brisbane on Sunday, 12 March 2017, to see out the old committee and welcome the incoming committee.
Firstly thanks goes to the outgoing members, Dan Manchester, Troy Lake, David Dunstan and Adam Sherman who helped the Association to get to where it is today.
Reports from the President, Treasurer and Secretary where provided to the members present as well as a report from our NSW committee member. Of interest was an outline given by Arden MacDonald of the NZUDA of their activities in New Zealand.

All positions on the current committee were then declared vacant with three members indicating their willingness to stand for re election to the committee. A committee that has members who are based outside of Brisbane showing that the RSDAA is spreading to other areas more so than during the last 12 months.

I take great pleasure in welcoming the following new members to the committee of the RSDAA:-

Toaray Van Dahme committee member based on the Sunshine Coast
Bruce McConnell committee member based in Brisbane
Stewart Paternoster committee member based in Brisbane
Callum Gillman Treasurer Based in Brisbane.
These are the new members on our committee and I am sure that they will help to take the Association forward with their wide ranging experience.
Three members stood for re election.
Bob Mason who remains as a committee member, looking after the membership of the facebook pages.

Rosalina Kariotakis from Sydney who takes on the role as our new President, she has proven to be a very capable member of the committee and has worked hard for drivers down in Sydney in the time she has been part of the RSDAA.

Last of all standing for re election to the position of secretary was myself.

Financial members present voted for the above members and many have volunteered to help the committee with the tasks ahead, help that will be greatly appreciated.

Les Johnson