Questions for our Politicians in relation to rideshare in the upcoming election

The above email was forwarded to the Transport Minister and the Premier as well as the Opposition Leader and Opposition Transport spokesman and also to One Nation on the 12th October. Wording was adjusted for each of the recipients and as at the time of putting this post together we have only had an automated reply from the Premiers office and none from the Transport Minister but numerous contacts from the leader of the Opposition.

During the last 18 months numerous attempts have been made to meet with the Transport Minister all to no avail, with very lame excuses offered each time. In that same period, we have had a number of successful meetings with Steve Minnikin, Opposition Transport spokesman, some of the issues discussed have been posted to our website, previously.

Whilst the RSDAA endeavors to remain politically neutral we feel that it is important that drivers are aware of what each party intends to do after the election – it may affect your livelihood substantially.

Five years back to start driving the costs were minimal, about $45 for a General Drivers Authority and the cost of a Medical. Today after simplification by the Government we have the cost of a Medical, DA, BHSL, COI, increased CTP and Comprehensive insurance. Almost $1000 before you can turn a wheel and what have we got in return, very little. Signage that we must display for each operator who we do work for that must be a prescribed size and in a prescribed position on the vehicle, threats of having to install “approved cameras” and a toothless tiger for an Ombudsman who was supposed to commence operations back in July.

The larger operators blatantly do not comply with the Regulations and seem to enjoy immunity from the Transport Department as it seems to be placed into the too hard basket. Illegal operators seem to ply their work without raising the eye of the Department, ask yourself “If I have to comply why do these people get away with not complying?”

At meetings between Committee members of the RSDAA and Steve Minnikin we have put forward many areas that are of concern to drivers in dealing with these cumbersome regulations and possible ways to rectify them. The information from Mr. Minnikin so far is very positive.

The following correspondence has just arrived from the Opposition Transport spokesman. I hope this is of assistance to each and every one reading this.

Looking forward to a very productive period ahead for all ride share drivers and keep in mind that we have only had a reply from the LNP.

Regards for now

Les Johnson

Secretary RSDAA