An update on what the RSDAA are doing to help make our industry a more sustainable, long term industry worth being a part of.

On Thursday afternoon the 7th September 2017 I met again with the Opposition Transport Minister at Parliament House in Brisbane.

A number of issues were discussed including the number of drivers registered for ride share in Queensland and the high drop out rate of drivers. He was understanding of the situation and commented to the fact  “that explains why Uber have so many adverts looking for drivers”. As a result of this  I was able to put to him that the new “Booked Hire Licence” was nothing more than a blatant cash grab by the Government and that under the new regulations a driver is looking at more than $800 before he/she even turns a wheel. The reception to this seemed to be positive.

We were briefly interrupted by a division in the chamber which he had to attend but then we got back to our meeting.
The next issue discussed was the new  signage requirements coming into effect on the 1st October. I gave him photos which were  taken of my car showing 5 signs on the front and rear window that were 120 x120mm taking up a sizeable area of both the windscreen and rear window. A requirement under the new regulations is to display an approved sign for each “entity that you are affiliated with” and currently I am affiliated with 5 different operators. I was also able to show the mock up sign that Bob Mason had put together which shows the logo of the major operators. The Opposition Minister was very receptive to the idea of a single sign and also the danger of having a sign showing the operator logo. I outlined the situation of people under the influence possibly  stepping onto the roadway to wave a vehicle down because they thought that it might be their vehicle. I asked ” do we need to see someone killed before TMR see some sense”. The Opposition Minister’s suggestion was that a simple sign with either BH or Booked Hire should suffice. He seemed to be very positive to this approach.
Lastly but not least we discussed the issue of cameras. The first question asked by the Opposition Minister regarding cameras was about  the recent sexual assaults, I think I was able to put that issue onto the back burner for now as I turned it around to the banning of dash cam’s, as they are the only way that we have protection against vexatious complaints from passengers and from being deactivated by the operators. We discussed the “approved” cameras and I stated that the specifications published were for a dinosaur system completely unfit for purpose in booked hire work. I asked him how he would feel if he had to have a camera system in his car that was working all the time the ignition was on and for 30 minutes after the ignition was turned off. His reply was in the negative to say the least.
He also asked for my opinions on the implementation of a Commissioner to oversee the personalised transport industry. My reply was that we fully supported an independent statutory authority separate from TMR with full responsibility for the industry and with the power to adjudicate issues regarding deactivation of drivers without just cause from the operators.
He has agreed to meet again as we move closer to the election and I feel that it could be in our interest to do so. Secretary RSDAA