This morning 25th September 2017, I attended an update session of PTIRG in Brisbane along with the other members of the group.
Whilst this meeting was mainly a briefing from the TMR staff, I did get to ask for clarification on numerous issues and I will address these as best I can below.

  1. Booked Hire Service Licence (BHSL)vs Drivers Authority (BHTX).Booked Hire Service Licence (BHSL) is for the vehicleDrivers Authority (BHTX) is for the driver.You will need to have both in place to continue to operate in Queensland.
    If you do not already have one you will need to have a BHTX DA by the 1st October.You will also need to have a Certificate of Inspection by the 1st October, if you have a Safety Certificate issued between 1/1/17 and 30/9/17 it can be converted to a COI with the same expiry date as the Safety Certificate.To obtain a BHSL you will need a Certificate of Inspection, Class 26 CTP and your registration listed as Purpose of Use – Booked Hire. If you have a Certificate of Inspection issued in Queensland between 1/1/17 and 30/9/17 it can be converted to a Certificate of Inspection at N/C.
    According to TMR staff today there will be no penalties issued for not having Certificate of Inspection, CTP Class 26 or Purpose of Use until 14th January 2018.

    Change of CTP class need to be advised to the CTP Insurer directly and they will work out the increase in premium. There may also be an increase in the registration due after advising the change of Purpose of Use, but staff had no idea as to what it may be. They were unable to give any indication as to how long it would take to process a Booked Hire Service Licence, I put it to them that would it be 28 days their reply was “not sure, hopefully not”

    My recommendation is that if you have a Certificate of Inspection, get the CTP class changed and Purpose of Use and apply for the Booked Hire Service Licence as soon as you can.

  2. Camera’s. From early June “dash cams” were no longer allowed to record vision nor audio inside the vehicle whilst passengers are on board. A camera recording forward or rearward without audio is permitted. The approved camera system is only required when there is one of the three following risk profiles present. Passenger anonymity (risk of assault), cash transaction (risk of theft) and point of payment is during journey (risk of fair evasion).
  3. From October 1st there will be graduated penalties for repeated breaches and non- compliance. If a driver is convicted of an eligible offence three times within a three year period he will have an immediate licence suspension of one month. If a driver is convicted of an eligible offence on three different occasions there is a three month suspension of licence.
  4. Signage. A slight change on this one, previously there was a start date of October 1st but now they are allowing a transition period due to the fact that one operator has not got their act together. The new signs must be in place by the end of October. You must display a sign for each entity that you are working for but the signs must not obscure your vision. The sign must be in the lower left of the windscreen and the lower left of the rear window and must be removed when you are not working.
  5. Cross Border Operation. Due to some confusion regarding cross border operation I sought clarification on this issue. To operate in Queensland after 1st October you will need to have a Certificate of Inspection, which is only issued to a Queensland registered vehicle. By the 14th January you will need to have a Booked Hire Service Licence and to apply for that you need to have a valid COI, Class 26 CTP and Purpose of Use listed on your Qld Registration. If your vehicle is registered interstate you will be unable to obtain a BHSL to operate in Queensland, there is NO exemption for drivers on the Gold Coast allowing cross border operation. Likewise Queensland registered vehicles are not permitted to pick up in NSW without NSW registration, CTP and appropriate DA. This information is from TMR Queensland and is posted so that drivers do not leave themselves open to prosecution