UBER Proves to be Unviable in Byron Bay, Newcastle, Central Coast & Wollongong

The Ride Share Drivers Association of Australia would like to advise that ridesharing, on the Uber platform, is not a viable income for Australian drivers in the NSW areas of Byron Bay, Newcastle, Central Coast or Wollongong.

Current rates of $1.10km do not cover the operational costs of vehicles such as petrol, vehicle registration, CTP insurance, rideshare insurance, vehicle servicing fees, GST and commission fee of 25%.

This information has been guided by the NRMA Car Operating Cost Calculator.

The current driver earnings, in the abovementioned areas, are well below the Australian minimum wage and would be estimated to be approximately $10-$15/hr depending on vehicle type.

Please also take into account that workers compensation, superannuation benefits and vehicle depreciation have NOT been taken into account with the calculation of the above figures which would therefore bring the above figure down to well below $10/hr.

For this industry to remain sustainable, the rates need to be increased to at least $1.60 per kilometre, 50 cents per minute, with a flag fall of $3.00

Australian rideshare drivers expect fair working conditions. An improved rideshare employment model is required that sets standards relating to minimum rates and maximum hours worked to protect drivers rights and to promote public safety.

The RSDAA believes that rideshare drivers whose rideshare income makes up more than 60% of their annual income should be entitled to sick pay, holiday pay, workers compensation and superannuation.

We are currently working with Policy makers in the hope to secure better working conditions in the future. The RSDAA believe that ridesharing can only work if there are limited costs, fair hourly rates and fair regulatory barriers to entry.

International corporations should not be allowed to impact Australian citizens working conditions, we are hopeful that the new NSW regulatory changes are an opportunity to lead the way for workers rights and conditions. Rates need to be enshrined into legislation so that the exploitation of ride share drivers by ride-booking entities does not continue.

We would currently advise all NSW drivers in the abovementioned areas to reconsider and reassess your current working conditions based on the above information.

The RSDAA believes that all Australians deserve the respect and protection afforded to most other workers in Australia and we will continue to work towards achieving these goals.

Rosalina Kariotakis
Ride Share Drivers Association of Australia