With the launch of uberpool next week there is rising resentment and concern amongst drivers not only about safety and security between riders but also further erosion of their already meagre income, which has received lots of media attention in the last month.

More kms/$ will hasten visits to the workshops and consume more fuel with little if no return. Anecdotal evidence from the USA includes horror stories with plenty of supporting YouTube clips.

Drivers are defecting to Taxify and Ola in the hundreds daily.  These two companies have typically had a better relationship with their drivers along with more favourable terms.

Others are planning to boycott Uberpool at the risk of lowering their acceptance rate, a controlling mechanism Uber uses to modify its partners behaviour.

Backseat surveys between drivers and riders have all suggested the new platform won’t be all that popular as riders already feel the rates represent great value and the level of service impressive compared to other transport options.

Other concerns are about Ubers reluctance to identify riders who have committed serious offences whist using the platform, including assault, malicious damage and theft of property.

Of course expect bullying tactics from Uber to accept Uberpool, upon Drivers, who in spite of their contractor status will have no option but to accept this loss making exercise or be shut out of the platform.

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