From the Secretary November 2017

What an interesting couple of weeks we have had, with the impending law changes in Victoria, NSW and Queensland and the result of the Appeal Hearing in the UK. Perhaps very interesting times ahead.

Firstly, a pointer for drivers in NSW and Queensland regarding signage.

In NSW you are only required to display one sign on the rear of your vehicle.

In Queensland you are required to have a sign for “each entity that you are affiliated with” displayed on the lower left of both the front and rear windows. The old Uber sticker is no longer valid and could attract a fine for displaying it if intercepted by Compliance officers. Likewise, not displaying signage will also attract a fine when intercepted.

In the opinion of the RSDAA compliance with this signage requirement could create a severe safety issue especially on smaller vehicles.

In Queensland we are now 6 weeks into the changeover period where everyone needs to apply for a Booked Hire Service Licence (BHSL). To apply for a BHSL you need to contact your CTP insurer and request a change of class from Class 1 to Class 26 and pay the pro rata fee. They then issue you with a receipt that you need to take to TMR, along with the completed form “Application for a Booked Hire Service Licence”. You also require your current Certificate of Inspection to accompany your application. At TMR they will change the Purpose of use on your registration to Booked Hire, if you have a Pensioner Concession you will lose it and you will have to pay the pro rata rate to the next expiry date. Finally, the staff will check your documentation and if all is in order they will extract the sum of $237.26 from you and issue a receipt. This receipt does not allow operation in place of the BHSL. Information to hand so far is that the turnaround is only a couple of days, I will wait and see.

One other issue to be aware of if you are renting a vehicle from one of the rental companies, they need to supply you with a “Registered Operator Consent for Vehicle to be stated on Booked Hire Service Licence – Form F5190”. This is a form they need to supply to you and has nothing to do with Uber. I have had a couple of companies try to tell me that they are working it out with Uber, as I said before this is nothing to do with Uber, the form needs to be filled in by the registered owner of the vehicle (the name on the registration papers) and handed to you so that you can submit your application. Without this form you will not have your application processed. Also, if you are driving a rental vehicle you need to have Class 4 CTP not Class 26.

Advice from senior staff at TMR is that if you don’t have the BHSL in your possession by 14th January you will not be able to operate on the 15th January.  Fines will apply from the 15th January. Information from TMR as at today’s date   ( 14/11/17) is to submit your application before the 1st of December 2017.

These issues are for Queensland and our President will be posting in the next day or so the changes for NSW.

No doubt most would be aware that Uber lost again in the UK regarding worker classification, to me it seems unbelievable that a company will spend so much money defending itself when with a small shift in its direction everyone would be happy. Simply introduce fair and reasonable contracts enforceable in the jurisdiction in which they are operating, pay fair and sustainable rates to drivers, treat drivers as true “partners”. I doubt that there would be many who would want to be classified as employees here in Australia, but I am sure that we would all like to see increased rates and conditions where we are treated with some respect. Really so little needs to change for that to happen but I doubt I will see it soon.

Safe driving during the forthcoming Festive Season.

Secretary RSDAA