The RSDAA held it’s inaugural meeting on Sunday 13th March in Brisbane.  A founding group of drivers came together to formalise the association, discuss our goals and objectives, and determine a strategy for moving forward.

The main outcomes of the meeting are as follows:

  1. The association will become an incorporated association.
  2. The committee was elected as follows:
    • Dan Manchester (President)
    • Les Johnson (Secretary)
    • Troy Lake (Treasurer)
    • Adam Sherman
    • David Dunstan
    • Bob Mason
  3. Formal rules of the association were proposed and agreed
  4. Objectives of the association were proposed and agreed as follows:
    • Protecting Drivers’ Rights
    • Building Driver Unity
    • Promoting Fair Legislation and Regulation
    • Promoting Safety
    • Improving Service
  5. Membership fees were agreed at $5 per month, paid quarterly.