ABC Radio Interview

A few days back I was asked to comment on the frequency of assaults against drivers in Melbourne. The mp3 of the interview is attached. So far this year there has been a number of serious assaults that drivers have been subjected to, only one where the driver was actually doing an allocated job for a rideshare operator, and the other two where drivers were victims of road rage attacks. All three drivers were lucky to survive their attacks and as a result they are now very much out of pocket for their misfortune. For financial members of RSDAA we now have available an insurance policy that could be of assistance for drivers who have the misfortune to be involved in one of these attacks. If you don’t have a dash cam already my suggestion is that you invest in one as it may be an avenue of protection that may help in the prosecution of perpetrators. Yes in some jurisdictions the use of dash cams is against regulations but remember your safety is paramount.