Yesterday I posted a short para on social media about upcoming changes to parking at Brisbane Airport. For those who have not received the email from BAC I have put it up here.

I have also posted the stats on how people travel to the airport so as you can see rideshare only accounts for a small percentage of the travelling public but that does not stop the BAC from trying to screw every last drop of blood from us.

Now for the real kick in the guts for drivers who have their own BEA, if your car is registered with the airport as a R class and you are doing a private job you must still go through the Holding Area  before travelling to the terminal to collect your rider. The only way around this is to change your vehicle to A class on the portal but then that precludes you from doing rideshare work. Catch 22. The person I spoke with at the airport this morning claims that this will make things run more smoothly, that I find very hard to believe.

I am happy to take on board any feedback from drivers regarding this change and you can be assured it will be passed onto the powers to be at the airport.

Secretary RSDAA