Good Day to all our fellow drivers, wishing you well for 2018.

Just a short but important post for all drivers in Queensland. If you don’t as yet have your BHSL you only have until Friday to have it in your possession, as from Monday (the 15th) it will be illegal to operate a booked hire service without a BHSL.

If you are renting a vehicle be sure that once again you have the BHSL by Friday as you will be unable to acquire it over the weekend. From midnight Sunday the fines for operating without the BHSL are substantial, up to 160 penalty units or over $20,000 for the first offence.

Sorry that the news is not of a happier nature but we have had some months to prepare for this new regulation and now the time is here. Remember this is not an Uber requirement but a Queensland Government requirement. It is your responsibility to make sure you have it.

There have been many discussions on these pages about the use of dashcams and their legality. Under the rules in place in Queensland it has been illegal to use a dashcam if it records audio or vision inside the vehicle since June of last year. Having said that due to what seems like a marked increase in deactivations by one of the operators I would suggest that perhaps they are still a good form of insurance to protect against unfair allegations being made by riders and also as evidence if you are involved in a motor vehicle accident.

I have no doubt that this one will be tested in the courts if and when a driver is charged for using a dashcam.