Author: Rosalina Kariotakis

Uber settling unfair dismissal claims for deactivated drivers

Despite not being classified as employees, “deactivated” Uber drivers are making unfair dismissal claims in the Fair Work Commission and the ridesharing company is settling them. The company is not raising objections to the claims in an apparent attempt to avoid a test case on whether Uber drivers are contractors or employees, which could require the rideshare company to pay minimum wages and take on employer...

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QLD Driver Alert / Media Release

UBERX  Proves to be Unviable in Queensland.. The Ride Share Drivers Association of Australia would like to advise that ridesharing, on the Uber platform, is not a viable income for Australian drivers throughout areas of Queensland. Current rates of $1.0km do not cover the operational costs of vehicles such as petrol, vehicle registration, CTP insurance, rideshare insurance, vehicle servicing fees, GST and commission fee of 25%. This information has been guided by the RACQ Operating costs guidelines. The current driver earnings, in the abovementioned areas, are well below the Australian minimum wage and would be estimated to be less...

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