Author: Rosalina Kariotakis

Surveillance Devices in Rideshare Vehicles

The RSDAA understand that surveillance devices are increasingly being used by rideshare drivers around Australia. The main reason drivers are reverting to installing these recording devices is for their own personal protection and also for fear of being deactivation by rideshare operators. Rideshare drivers occasionally face false allegations from riders and feel secure with recording devices onboard to protect their innocence. Drivers do need protection but misuse of surveillance footage is a major concern. The Rideshare Drivers Association of Australia believe in riders privacy but also understand the rights of drivers to be protected in their own vehicles. Large...

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Fund for assulted Uber driver

Here is the link for injured Uber driver GoFundMe Page please donate if possible even just $5 ! Melbourne Uber driver of 18 months who had driven over 7,500 trips abused in exclusive Melbourne suburb. I have spoken with driver directly he is at home recovering from his injuries which include a broken ankle and is in constant pain. Uber offered him $1,800 compensation in a phone call. Driver is meeting Legal Aid lawyers this week to review his options. Police investigation ongoing; drivers vehicle, Iphone X & wallet still currently missing.  ...

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