Author: Lundi Fourie

NewsCar is Recruiting Drivers | CLICK HERE Signup

First Responder On Demand Drivers Required Earn $200 to upload live news video from your mobile phone to a major Australian TV News Network. $200 call out fee payable to drivers for first 2 hours of live video and supplement your income. REGISTER TODAY! Name* First Last Mobile*Email* Enter Email Confirm Email Suburb*State*What phone do you use for Apps while driving?*iOSAndoidFull Time or Part Time Driver?* Full Time Part Time Day Time, Night Time or both* Day Time Night Time Both Vehicle Type /...

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Facebook Groups

List of current Facebook groups provided by the RSDAA to facilitate driver networking and knowledge sharing. Bullying, discrimination will not be tolerated. Everyone is important and everyone’s opinions are valid and worthy of respect and discussion. RIDESHARE DRIVERS AUSTRALIA (RSDAA) RSDAA (Ride Share Drivers Association of Australia Inc.) Official page RIDESHARE DRIVERS BRISBANE AND QLD (RSDAA) QLD BEA Rideshare Drivers (RSDAA) Rideshare Drivers of Sydney (RSDAA) RIDESHARE BLACK/SELECT DRIVERS AUSTRALIA (RSDAA) RIDESHARE DRIVERS HOBART & TASMANIA (RSDAA) RIDESHARE DRIVERS PERTH (RSDAA) Rideshare Drivers Wollongong (RSDAA) RIDESHARE DRIVERS GOLD COAST (RSDAA) RIDESHARE DRIVERS SUNSHINE COAST (RSDAA) RIDESHARE DRIVERS CANBERRA (RSDAA)...

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