Yesterday 29th April we held the second AGM in Brisbane for the RSDAA where reports from serving members were delivered then the committee stood down for elections to be held. A new committee was elected to help steer the Association forward for the next twelve months. It was also announced to those present that the RSDAA is now a registered legal entity to operate nationally. As such the work load has increased substantially and a decision was made to expand the size of the committee to spread the workload. To all our new committee members I say welcome to what could be the most exciting period in the operation of the RSDAA.

During the time that the RSDAA has been in existence there have been many who have tried to destroy what the organisation has worked for, so let me reiterate a few points. We have never claimed to represent all drivers but we do represent our members and as a result most gains made are then enjoyed by all. The new insurance scheme announced at the AGM in conjunction with Roobyx will be for financial members only, more information will be forthcoming during the next few weeks.

To the committee members who retired yesterday I would like to say a big thank you for your efforts during the last twelve months it was greatly appreciated. During the next couple of weeks we will announce what areas the new members of committee will be concentrating their efforts on and if you are a financial member and have any ideas that you would like to put forward feel free to email and we can take it on board. Once again I would like to welcome all the new members onto our committee, good to have you on board. Secretary RSDAA