The RDSAA represents ride share drivers across Australia. We will support ride share drivers from all available platforms as and when they develop, and we strongly encourage competition from new entrants to the market challenging Uber’s monopoly and giving drivers a choice. We also represent our members’ interests in discussions with state and federal government as ride share legislation and regulation develops and changes.

The RDSAA’s goals are to:

  • Protect drivers’ rights
  • Build driver unity
  • Promote legislature and regulation
  • Promote safety
  • Improve service

The nature of the ride-sharing industry means that drivers work independently from each other, and unlike taxi drivers who stop at ranks, our drivers seldom get the opportunity to meet or engage with their colleagues. By forming an association we are bringing drivers together to have a collective voice.

One of the RSDAA’s main aims is to push for the legislation of ride sharing in Australia. Despite the objections of the taxi industry, ride sharing is not going away. We believe that the federal and state governments need to adapt to changing economic and commercial landscape in Australia and work to regulate and legislate for change rather than resist something that has already happened globally.