Upcoming AGM

Firstly, and most importantly we are fast approaching our end of year Annual General Meeting, which will take place on the afternoon of 19th May 2019 between 2.30 and 4.30pm. The venue for this meeting will be the Geebung RSL, 323 Newman Rd, Geebung QLD 4034, parking is available on site and across the road. Reports will be given by our President, Secretary and Treasurer, with all positions declared vacant and elections will be held for office bearers for the next twelve months.

At the time of writing this memo I believe that the President and Treasurer are prepared to stand for re-election along with most of the general committee, but we will have four positions to fill. Any financial members can nominate for these vacant positions and need to be seconded by another financial member. Nominations need to be forwarded to secretary@rsdaa.org.au at least 10 days prior to the meeting. Only financial members can vote in these elections. As per the rules of the Association the only position that must be filled by a Queensland member is the Secretary’s position.

During the last three months the President has attended several meetings with various Government bodies in Sydney as well as a meeting in this last couple of weeks with representatives of the TWU in Sydney.

Here in Queensland the secretary has attended several meetings with various Departmental staff along with our treasurer. We attended and gave evidence at a Committee Hearing at Parliament House re the introduction of the new Ombudsman legislation. This legislation is very poorly written and will be nothing more than a waste of tax payers money. The Ombudsman will have no real power to compel parties to comply and will only be able to report back to the Minister.

Our President has been invited to sit on various Committees in NSW & VIC and will be reporting on this shortly. The secretary has also been invited to be part of another committee commencing mid-May along with many stakeholders involved in the Transport industry. I will report on this as the meetings progress.

Recent meeting with TWU.

The RSDAA was approached by certain persons from the TWU recently to have a meeting so that issues of “common interest” could be discussed.

Two of our committee attended this meeting, in Sydney, in person and I was hooked in by phone from Brisbane.

We approached this meeting with an open mind and an expectation of confidentiality. We are small business people and as such we should be promoting how we can better our individual business enterprises as well as providing drivers with a sustainable working environment.

During the process of legalisation of ride share here in Queensland I worked on a Committee that also had among its number many people from various areas of the transport industry including the Secretary of the TWU here in Queensland. I found this person to be honorable and he was prepared to support what the RSDAA was trying to achieve including supporting our submission to Public Works and Utilities Committee, as did several other bodies. We were treated as an independent body with aims to help our members, the same as we treated them. We are currently working side by side with several groups involved in personalized transport endeavoring to see our industry as a sustainable industry not an unsustainable model.

We are a fully incorporated body Australia wide and will continue to work for the betterment of the ride share industry without the interference of union influence. We enjoy our independence and will continue to be so.

RSDAA will keep an open mind when dealing with Unions and other bodies, but do not necessarily believe a Union would benefit drivers now.