• COVID-19

    RSDAA advice to all rideshare drivers in relation to COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

    RSDAA would like to advise drivers to limit driving hours wherever possible. All Australian rideshare drivers should avoid International Airport pickups unless drivers have a sealed P2/N95 mask, Glen20, disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizers [...]

  • RSDAA Working for Drivers from the desk of John Campbell Vice President

    Since 2016, only one driver's representative body has been there for the drivers. In the sometimes difficult minefield of representation in government meetings only one representative has built up cordial relations with state, federal [...]

  • Get a Booking Entity Authority

    Missed out on Uber Premium? Did you get a brand new car only to find out it's only eligible for Comfort and X? Want and need the bigger returns that you and your car [...]

  • Concerns as Uber prepares for IPO

    Rosalina has been interviewed by ABC Radio International about Uber's upcoming IPO. Listen Now Download Audio In the process of preparing to list on the New York Stock Exchange in [...]

  • 2019 RSDAA Annual General Meeting

    Upcoming AGM Firstly, and most importantly we are fast approaching our end of year Annual General Meeting, which will take place on the afternoon of 19th May 2019 between 2.30 and 4.30pm. The venue [...]

  • Sydney Driver fined for using Rideshare App

    WARNING TO ALL NSW RIDESHARE DRIVERS Today a Sydney Driver was fined for using his mobile phone illegally to accept a rideshare trip. The driver is now faced with a loss of licence due [...]

  • Urgent Support for the Family of Khristiee Jazairy

    Horrific Truck Crash at Green Square (Sydney) leaves mother of 4 children dead. Khristiee Jazairy was waiting for a bus while killed. Funds raised will be donated to the family to assist with  funeral [...]

  • RSDAA Statement November 28th, 2018

    Over the last 48 hours I think just about every rideshare driver in Australia has become aware of the predicament of the Uber driver who was found guilty in a Sydney court of “negligent [...]

For Drivers

The RSDAA exists to promote and protect the rights and interests of Ride-Share Drivers across Australia (eg: Uber, Ola, etc. drivers).

Being a member gives you access to the members’ areas which includes Facebook discussion groups, useful tools and other resources for drivers.

Membership fees are $5.39 per month, $15.00 every 3 months or $50.00 / year. Fees go toward covering the administrative costs, lobbying and meeting with government bodies, promotional activities, and once established, providing valuable services and advice to members, such as tax advice, legal advice and assistance, and negotiated commercial agreements with suppliers.